Lenovo Lenovo H50 (AMD) The Lenovo V320 tower desktop .. Product #: RBM-0003 Regular price: SR 1,200.00 SR 1,200.00

Lenovo H50 (AMD)

Brand: Lenovo
Product Code: RBM-0003

Price: SR 1,200.00

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Responsive processing, discrete graphics Surround sound, DVD reader/writer Fast data transfer, easy backup/recovery  Supports up to 2 hi-resolution displays Optional wireless touchpad & keyboard

The Lenovo V520s small form factor (SFF) desktop provides incredible value for your business. Featuring powerful processing, high-speed memory,

The V520s small form factor desktop is significantly smaller than a traditional tower but has the same storage capacity as the V520 tower. That means a space-saving system that frees up valuable room on your desk.